Classroom Discussion


Grades K-6th



DVDs that are a component of a purchasable ($149.99)  “multimedia professional learning resource” published by Math Solutions,  


Type of Video

Excerpts from 12 classroom lessons that involve small group and whole class discussions

Length of videos:  Individual videos range in length from 30 seconds to 16 minutes. 


Number of Videos

75 videos


Content Domains

Counting and Cardinality, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Measurement and Data, The Number System


Description of the Videos

  • The videos on the DVDs are organized in two ways - by the chapters in the accompanying facilitator’s guide and by grade level.

  • The videos include representations of teacher’s “talk moves” (e.g. wait time, re voicing) in classroom lessons with small groups and whole classes, of teachers establishing classroom talk norms, and of teachers’ and students’ talk focused on developing students’ understanding of mathematical concepts and processes.


Usefulness of the Videos

  • Videos illustrate particular “talk moves” and combinations of “talk moves”.

  • Videos afford opportunity to view students doing mathematics as they engage in problems, as the students interact with other students, and as the students interact with teachers..

  • Videos demonstrate instructional practices consistent with the mathematics teaching practices (NCTM, 2014). These practices include but are not limited to: posing purposeful questions, eliciting and using evidence of student thinking, supporting students’ productive struggle, and orchestrating mathematical discourse.


Ancillary Materials

  • Facilitator’s Guide

    • From the product description, “The 240-page guide offers twenty professional development sessions centered on video clips illustrating best talk practices in action.”

    • The guide is organized into three sections.  The first section provides an overview for classroom discussions in students’ mathematics learning.  The second section focuses on different mathematical content and processes involved in classroom discussions.  The third section focuses on implementing classroom discussions.

    • The guide includes facilitation materials for professional learning sessions, how each of the videos are involved in the sessions, descriptions of the 75 videos, and an alignment of the lessons of the videos with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics Correlations.

  • CDs of reproducibles

    • Lesson Planning Template

    • Professional learning session handouts

    • Lesson plans for the twelve classroom lessons in the videos



Anderson, Chapin, and O’Connor


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