Rob Wieman

Looking at videos of secondary students doing math engages teachers and effectively supports teacher learning.


This catalog came about in response to conversations with teacher educators and professional developers about trying to find videos they could use in their work.  We all found looking at videos of secondary students engaging with math problems to be effective tools for learning about math, student thinking and effective teaching.  We also found that we spent many hours trying to find video that would serve specific purposes.





As we talked, we discovered that a colleague had often found the very video we were searching for and had we known, we could have saved ourselves hours of time.  We thought that a shared catalog of publicly available videos could streamline our searches.  With the help of Ben Freeburn, then a grad student at Penn State University, and others, I identified and described videos that might be of use to others like us, who work with others to understand and improve secondary mathematics teaching and learning .  We then engaged the services of Holly Clark-Porter to design a website that would enable others to search the catalog in useful ways. 


We hope that this site will be a place where teachers, teacher educators, professional developers and anybody else interested in using video to improve secondary math education can begin to learn from each other, access and create shared resources, and find what they are looking for. 

We spent hours
looking for videos.

Special thanks go to Rowan University for funding this work, Ben Freeburn and Holly Clark-Porter for helping it come to fruition, and Randy Philipp for providing guidance, encouragement and feedback.  Many of the ideas expressed above were developed during sessions at the annual meeting of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in 2014 and 2015.  For that we would like to thank AMTE, the AMTE Conference Planners, and the former  AMTE president, Fran Arbaugh.