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The Catalog

At the core of this website is a catalog that describes readily available video of secondary students and teachers engaged in mathematics teaching and learning. 


Each entry in the catalog describes a set of videos and includes the following information:

  • Name of resource (i.e. TIMSS)

  • Location (URL or description of where to buy it)

  • Video Type (individual, small group, whole class)

  • Number of videos

  • Grade Level

  • Content Domain

  • Written description of videos

  • Possible uses of the videos

  • Description of ancillary materials (i.e. transcripts, plans, etc.)

  • Author/Sponsor

Searching the Catalog


There are several ways to search the catalog:

  • You can download a pdf of the complete catalog and look through it old-school style,

    • Hit “Download Our Complete Catalog” on the home page or click here

  • Or, you can type in a word, and a list of resources that have that word in their description will appear,

    • Use “Search by keyword” box on home page.

  • Or, you can search smaller versions of the catalog that have been screened for price (free/not free) or for grade-level (middle school/HS).

    • Use “Search by Category” button on home page.

Other Features


Video of the Season

Every three months we will make available an activity featuring a video described in the catalog. 


It will include a link to the video, as well as a description of the goals of the activity, plans and facilitator notes, and other ancillary materials.  Previous activities will be archived in on our Archives page. 


Click on the Video of the Season button on the homepage


Contact Us

If you have feedback about a link that does not work, a new source of videos that may be of interest, an inaccuracy in our descriptions, or anything else that may be of interest to us, you can send us an e-mail through our Contact Us page. 

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