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Fostering Algebraic Thinking

Fostering Algebraic Thinking Toolkit: A guide for Professional Development



Middle and High School



Available from Heinemann Publishing (ca $300)


Type of Video

Small group work with teacher; teacher reflection


Length of Videos

5-12 minutes


Number of Videos



Content Domains

Algebra, Functions, Modeling


Description of the Videos

  • Video one: 11:15 minutes (0:30 - 11:45 on DVD), Teacher working with small group on problem (modeling two different linear relationships and comparing them), and then teacher reflecting on her work with children.

  • Video 3: (16:25 - ?) Teachers reflect and debrief on questions asked during small group work on algebraic tasks


Usefulness of the Videos

  • These videos serve as good examples of teachers supporting cognitively demanding group work through focusing, not funneling.  

  • They also are good examples of reflective practice, teachers talking about their work.  


Ancillary Materials

  • The whole program is designed as a companion to Fostering Algebraic Thinking, by Mark Driscoll (

  • These videos are part of a set of professional development materials specifically geared toward fostering algebraic thinking, analyzing student work, documenting patterns of student thinking and asking questions of students.  

  • The materials are organized into four professional development sessions, and include facilitation notes, notes on the mathematics, and handouts for participants.



Mark Driscoll, in collaboration with Judith Sawojewski, Andrea Humez, 

Johanna Nikula, Lynn Goldsmith and James Hammerman

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